Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Optic Blast" Original X-Men Art (Cyclops W.I.P. - Step 4 - Completion!)

It's finished!


Or maybe I should say, "ZZZZZAAAAPPP!!!"

Watercolors and ink on bristol board - 8" x 10" (SOLD)

So some noticeable changes took place in this last step.

I went over the entire painting with a light pink wash to create a "glowing effect" from the optic blast. That was the main draw (no pun intended) for this piece. I wanted to do a painting that conveyed a subtle light.

Close-up detail

I'm forever a perfectionist. I don't know if this is my strongest comic book work but I certainly love the colors in this one. Normally I'm NOT a fan a pink tones but they work so well here!

Close-up detail

The entire figure was meticulously inked and I splattered black on the background for added depth and that dramatic finishing touch!

Now Cyclops is officially ready for action!



Anonymous said...

I dont know if its proper to say a comic is beautiful, but wow this one really is;)

Susan Beauchemin said...

Watch Out!! Nicely done--I love the vibrant pink, red and orange along with that great texture of black or it even looks to be a dark purple in places-------Nice!

Blakenetizen said...

wooa! It turned out great! Im not a big fan of pink either but it just makes sense in this piece :)

Dean Grey said...


Comics can indeed be beautiful!



Yep, the background is a combination of dark purples mixed with blacks.





Thanks to the three of you for letting me know what you think!


David K Small, artist said...

Nice job Dean, well done. Glow accomplished. Really like your pen/ink details. Not many can make pink work so well.

savante said...

One of my favourite characters brought to life :) Though I'd still prefer him with Jean.

Hey have you seen the latest Adventure Comics with Superboy? Some really amazing visuals by Francis Manapul over there as well.

martinealison said...

Beau dessin, force, action... énigmatique... J'aime

martha miller said...

Coool, Dean!

Check out this website (of fellow MECA alum, Kori Handwerker) - I think you'll like her stuff!


Dean Grey said...


Thanks David!



I prefer Jean over Emma any day!

I've seen Manapul's work before. Right now I'm really digging Clay Mann's stuff over at the X-Men books though!



Merci beaucoup!



Thanks, I just checked out her link now!


I appreciate hearing what the four of you had to say!


We Blog Artists said...

Can't wait for the rest of the story!
Have a great Sunday...

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Beautiful work. I think the pink created the look you are after.

Dean Grey said...


Char, there isn't anymore to the story. This was the final step!


Lady Ren!

I appreciate you stopping by my blog!


Thanks to the both of you ladies!


jason said...

wow! Love this.

Dean Grey said...


I'm happy to hear that!


sMacThoughts said...

Dean, I wish you could see my face right now.... my JAW is dropped wide open. This is nothing short of spectacular. I absolutely LOVE it. Standing ovation from me!!

Dean Grey said...


I'm giving you a slight curtsy as you stand for me!



Chris Beck said...

Very cool, Dean!! I love what you did with the colors -- very sophisticated use of underpainting -- and the ink adds the WOW factor!

Dean Grey said...


Yeah, the black ink definitely brought this painting to life!


Unknown said...

I always enjoy the way you crop your painting details!

Dean Grey said...


I just thought it would allow everyone to see the details better. Glad you enjoy them!


Pablo Villicaña Lara said...

Very cool Dean! The pink wash gave it the perfect touch!

Dean Grey said...


I'm not that into pinks myself but I think they work so well in this painting!


Jules said...

Very Awesome!

Dean Grey said...



Looking back on it, I'm really proud of this painting and how it turned out!