Sunday, October 27, 2013

We're moving!

When I heard the news my heart dropped.

The unthinkable has happened!

After 35 years of being in the same area, my local comic shop decided to move across state to Indiana. Yesterday was their last day at the old location.

I was told the new store is three times bigger, the neighborhood much safer, and yet it'll be about an hour drive to get there.

Not sure how I'll be able to do that working two jobs.

Those of you who are passionate about comic books and where you buy them, know we are a very loyal bunch that always supports our local shops first.

I've known the owners since childhood. A part of me wants to go where they go.

Going to that comic shop for over 20 years represented my dream of working in the comic book industry as well.

Every time I'd pick up my books and see what else came out that week, it fueled the fire.

Losing this location feels like a part of that died.

But I mustn't let that happen.

Nothing stays the same. I need to redouble my efforts and find a way to make it all work.

God willing, I do believe it'll happen.

Onto bigger and better things for them...and me!