Monday, May 9, 2011

One year later.....

I wish I had a really great excuse like being in a coma for 12 months or that I'd been traveling across the globe or was abducted by aliens and living on the moons of Jupiter since last May.

But no, nothing quite like that.

It's been exactly a year ago today since I last updated this blog.


Not that one year later, silly!

A part of me debated whether to delete this blog altogether but I guess the other part that still dreams the dream wouldn't allow it.

For you see, deep down inside it still calls to me. The dream of being a comic book creator, playing around with ideas, daydreaming about superpowers. All of it.

But as evidenced by my main blog, sometimes life gets in the way.

I thought I'd put off posting here for a couple weeks. A couple weeks turned into several. Several weeks turned into a few months, which became half a year....up until today.

So I apologize to you dear readers for my absence here. I think I shall pick up where I left off and try again.


Brian Miller said...

nice. welcome back.

naturgesetz said...

Looking forward to it. I had been wondering if you'd ever resume.

bK said...

You look so cute in that winking secret identity mode. *Tweaks nose* May I use you for a blind contour sketch for class?

Dean Grey said...





Yeah, still here!




Blind contour sketch, Brody? I'm not sure I understand.


Thanks to the three of you gentlemen!