Sunday, April 25, 2010

Storm W.I.P - Step 1 - Drawing

How appropriate that it rained this entire weekend in Chicago! It ties in perfectly to my latest comic book portrait.....Storm of the X-Men! The mutant able to manipulate the weather!

When I finished my Cyclops painting, a potential buyer requested I do Storm next, specifically wearing her original costume. Though this is mostly a head shot, you know it's the original outfit by the headband and the yellow-rimmed collar on her neck.

Storm's first and best costume!

Out of all her costume changes I prefer the original as well. God forbid I do a painting of her punk look as seen below:

Uggh! What was she thinking?!

This was a pure joy to draw! It took just a few hours and was relatively effortless. I was totally in the zone for this one.

And I needed this BAD. Lately I've been disconnected with my comic book blog, debating whether to delete it altogether. Feeling defeated, like I wasn't really doing much to foster the goal of becoming a comic book illustrator.

But this drawing turned out so well it sort of re-energized the dream. It gave me hope again!

The concept really excited me too. Normally you always see Storm behind streaks of lightning. *yawn*

I wanted something a bit more subtle and harder to capture. So wind seemed like the best choice. I had so much fun penciling in all that hair! When this is done she's going to look F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!

Things are off to a great start! The next step is to add paint and lay in the color!


Anonymous said...

cant wait to see the continued piece;)

DKSmall, artist said...

I agree - original is the best look for her. Yes, you ARE off to a great start, in more ways than one Cpt.

Susan Beauchemin said...

Looks great! I'm looking forward to seeing the color laid in--good going!

Dean Grey said...


I hope I don't disappoint!



Thanks for that, David!



I'm anxious to get the colors blocked in myself!


I always appreciate hearing what you three have to say!


Call me Scott said...


love it so far, I know what you. I know what you mean about always seeing Storm surrounded by lightning. When I think of her character it isn't really a woman ready to Zap at a moments notice, it's a wise and powerful woman with or without her powers so it's a treat to see her in a more rounded way, love it.

Scott xx

martinealison said...

Très joli dessin, bravo!

sMacThoughts said...

GAH, Dean!! Amazing. Don't give up your dream you silly goose!

Pattie Wall said...

Oh Dean - I have a secret desire to do comic book figures and portraits, also...I think I will post a few of my drawings I have no other paintings done...all on the easel right now. Your work is fantastic! I can't wait to see Storm with color, as well! Thanks for stopping by.

Dean Grey said...


Yes, this will be the level-headed Storm who's in-tune with nature.



Merci beaucoup!



I won't give up my dream(s)!



I'd love to see your comic book inspired work!


All of your comments are greatly appreciated!


Mind Of Mine said...

I love Storm,

When I was younger I used to pretend to be her. Nothing gives of the impression of Power than grey eyes!

Manon Doyle said...

Love your imagination, Dean! Really great stuff!

Btw.... spackle is cool. I get it a the hardware store and add a little glue to make it harder.

Dean Grey said...

Mind of Mine!

The eyes going blank is a neat effect, isn't it?



I love YOUR imagination!


It's always great having both of you stop by!


manuel said...

thank you for all of your amazing comments on my page! thanks for visiting too!

Dean Grey said...


You're quite welcome!


Diana Evans said...

wow!!! your work is awesome and I also love your secret identity clever is that!!!

Dean Grey said...


I'm so clever!



Brian Miller said...

nice. this looks great. storm is one of my sons fav xmen...he is sitting here next to me and enjoyed it as well...

Dean Grey said...


Thanks to you (and your son)!


Anonymous said...

Grace Jones ?

Dean Grey said...


They definitely have the same eyebrows, don't they?