Monday, April 5, 2010

A blast from the past!

"10 Days Cover" (July 2007)
Watercolor with ink on watercolor paper - 8" x 10" (NFS)

This was my first real comic book commission. Even though I didn't get paid for it, it was an honor to do.

I used to write comic book fan-fiction and another writer from the site I belonged to asked me to do a cover for his series at the time.

It was titled, "10 Days".

The story was about a man who had done terrible things in his lifetime and was on the verge of death. An angel appeared and offered him the ability to not die from his wounds. In essence, a chance for him to right his wrongs before dying. The catch was his "invulnerability" would only last a set amount of time. The series chronicled his last 10 days on earth.

The two series I wrote were: Wonder Woman Beyond and Legends of Wonder Woman (click on the hyperlinks to read them). My favorite issue was Wonder Woman Beyond #3.

Looking back over my writing a few years later, I do cringe at some of those stories yet I was proud of all I had written. I went from writing every once in a while to churning out a new full-length story every month! And I met some AMAZING people along the way.

Unfortunately the fan-fiction site disbanded shortly after that, much like the Avengers (I'm a dork, I know!). A newer, more condensed site was started last year and the administrator asked me to continue writing again. But I declined. I guess my heart wasn't into it or maybe I was resisting too much. *shrugs shoulders*

Perhaps I'll go back and start writing fan-fiction again. Who knows. It was terribly FUN and the closest thing I'd ever gotten to writing actual comic books!


naturgesetz said...

That's a very attractive cover. I'll have to check out the links. Since you enjoyed it so much, maybe you should rethink your decision not to resume. Perhaps the administrator would still like to have you writing for the site.

Anonymous said...

what a great story and painting, your talent amazes fan fiction/ a friend and I write alot about the stuff;)

sMacThoughts said...

Get paid next time. You are too talented. I love it, Dean!! Hey: Giveaway on my blog. No strings, just comment to the post if ya want. :)

martinealison said...

Très joli dessin..

Dean Grey said...


I'm definitely considering writing fan-fiction again!



That's the beauty of fan-fiction. You get to write about your favorite characters and work them into your own stories!



Well, all the writers on that site, including myself, didn't have extra money lying around. We wrote and contributed without expecting anything in return.

It would've been nice to have gotten paid for doing the cover but it was prominently displayed with the story so that was good enough for me!





I appreciate hearing from the four of you!


DKSmall, artist said...

Get back to writing and try illustrating the stories, next thing you know you will be self-publishing them.

joanne May said...

Dean, I love this painting, don't ever think you are rubbish at comic illustration. This image is very powerful!
I hope life is good with you. Have a great creative week.:)

Call me Scott said...

Hey, new follower person here, saw your links and loved them all looks really good.

And in case you think you are a Dork for liking avengers, I can confess my own closeted love of all things comic :).

Cant wait for the next post.

Scott x

Dean Grey said...


A part of me wonders if that dream is over and done with, David.



Awww, that's nice of you to say!



You are now one of the Honorary Avengers!


Thanks to the three of you for stopping by!


artbyakiko said...

Congrats on this fantastic cover art, Dean! I love it. You are so creative. I hope you will keep writing.

Dean Grey said...


I appreciate that!


JM said...

I really like this watercolor. Great work, Dean!

Dean Grey said...




LOVELY2CU said...

Thanks for all the comments Dean! I love your portraits - would be cool to see them real big like 30" X 40"

Dean Grey said...


No, thank YOU, Daniel!

Interesting idea about doing oversized portraits. One of these days, who knows!


Alvin Richard said...

Really well done Dean, you've got talent!

Dean Grey said...