Sunday, January 31, 2010

I suck!!

It's like learning to draw all over again.

I was sketching faces late this morning for the first time in years.

After fiddling around with proportions, placement, and expressions for a couple hours, I realized that I still suck at comic book drawing! Ughh!

Faces from my sketchpad!

I remember having that exact feeling several years ago when I'd practice and practice and not see much improvement.

That's why I put the dream on hold. The reality of not achieving my goals was too painful to bear.

After all, if you can't draw you ain't gettin' into comics!

But I'm determined to do it differently this time around.

Yes, I suck and have a looooong ways to go but I've got to push through those feelings of failure and inadequacy and keep drawing regardless.

If I'm being honest, I already crashed from the high I experienced during my very first post. But the main thing is that I keep moving forward whether I'm in a good mood or not!

I gave up too easily in the past and don't want history to repeat itself!


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

SECOND:: This is awesome...I love these studies...fresh,clean...they're all about someone who knows their lines...who knows deep inside they CAN do it.
Dean...keep that Dream as a CAN be met.
You even have a cool name to go with being a comic artist... "DEAN GERY"...
Can't hardly wait till the next pressure!!! :-)

Manon Doyle said...

You absolutely don't *suck*! Do not put this dream on hold! Keep going. My faces are totally not perfect!! You want to convey a mood and feeling not perfection!!

Ren said...

I used to work with a dyslexic kid years ago who had the same dream - spent hours sketching and drawing when he should have been working on other things. Everyone had told him he would mess up his chances in life - everyone except his mum who encouraged him ...

Last I heard he was living in London working on various underground comics and having the time of his life ...

So take heart, be encouraged and seize the moment.

You can do it mate!

Anonymous said...

But the main thing is that I keep moving forward whether I'm in a good mood or not!
I gave up too easily in the past and don't want history to repeat itself!

sound like great words to live by my friend;)

you can and will do it!

naturgesetz said...

Well, I'm not an artist, so my opinion that those faces are good may not hold as much value as someone else's, but, honestly, I don't see why those would not be good for comic books, or some other form of illustration, like advertising.

I'm especially impressed with the one on the right in the middle row. The one at the bottom with the shading looks quite expressive, and the second one from the left in the top row is also very good IMO.

So if you think you need to improve, well okay. Do what you have to. But I don't think you should be discouraged.

Dean Grey said...


I do have a cool name, don't I? (~_^)



The sketches I showed are kinda sucky! I'm very rusty at this point.



Great story! So there's hope for me then, huh?



I can and will do it!



This post was about me acknowledging my weaknesses. To sit with the discouraging feelings and still work through them rather than just stop like I did in the past.


You are all so wonderfully kind to me!


DKSmall said...

I go with the majority on this one Dean - you do NOT suck at this. You just need to find yourself a style you like and can repeat. You will get there only if you do not give up. If you think about quitting again, consider this - if you hadn't quit last time, where would you be now - that much farther ahead. You are not on a timeline so just go at a comfortable pace and enjoy the process. You will get there when you get there.

pathetic prophet said...

I just want you to know that I have the same feelings of 'suckiness' about everything I try to draw or paint. No matter what anybody else says, I still see all the flaws that I didn't want to be there, how the color isn't right, the lines aren't straight, curved, crooked, the way I envisioned them. I've learned that's a good thing:keeps me working for perfection. But I've also learned to be happy with where I am. Please don't give us...there's a genius to you that needs to be expressed and seen

Dean Grey said...


Wise words, David!

Yes, I think about that all the time. How much farther along I would be if I didn't quit the last time around.


pathetic prophet!

So I should look at the "suckiness" as a way for me to improve myself, huh?

I like that notion!


It's always good hearing from you two gentlemen!


suzanneberry said...

I see you also suffer from drawing dysmorphic syndrome. you do anything BUT suck! you are a natural, gifted and insecure. try not to beat yourself up, you are so talented. I know coming from a self-flogger like me....blah, blah, blah, but you are incredible!

AndyDrewby said...

Make your perceived deficiencies your strength. The lack of variety in styles of drawing, turned me off of comics for a long time.

Dean Grey said...


Yep, I'm insecure with a capital "I"!

But I still appreciate the nice words from you regardless!



Easier said than done but I will try!


Thanks to the pair of you!


Kimberly Loomis said...

For being rusty, well, you run pretty good!

I love it when I stumble upon blogs like yours!!

I agree with everyone else...keep working on it. Nothing that gives us instant gratification is going to be worth much in the long run.

Dean Grey said...


The advice is greatly appreciated!

I'm glad you found my blog!


Randuwa said...


You are so able to do this. You're talented, you have a vision. What more do you need? What beyond talent and purpose can I or any of us give to you? Buck up, kiddo! We've got your back.


Dean Grey said...




sMacThoughts said...

Suck? Let me doink you in your very eyes, Mr. Dean!! These are fantabulous, and yes, don't forget, drawing is a muscle skill... you are guaranteed to be better and better the more you keep it exercised. :)

Dana Chabino said...

No you DON"T suck, I think you have a LOT of talent!! Just stick with it! Keep drawing :)

Best wishes!


Dean Grey said...


Ouch, my eyes!

Yes, yes, yes. I know I'll need to keep drawing and keep practicing.



Welcome to my blog!

Thanks for the well wishes too!


I appreciate you two ladies stopping by!


chimerastone said...

Hi Dean
Thanks for leaving a comment on a blog. It was a surprise.
Please, please don't kicking yourself over your drawings.
I find drawing people difficult and hard to get the anatomy right. I was trying to draw in Manga style but it's hard.
You should keep at it, the initial drawings are like small steps for something big and try to silence the voice of perfectionism.
It nags at the heart of every artist and doesn't get any easier.

Martha Miller said...

I struggle constantly with creativity and confidence, and depend too much on what other's think! That said, YOU DON'T SUCK!!!!! Keep at it, Dean! xo

Dean Grey said...


You hit the nail on the head. I think trying to be perfect is my downfall. I either want it just right or not at all!



I will keep at it!


Thanks to both of you for the encouragement!